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Land Terrier Capture Project

Nov. 2016

Our client was embarking on a project to transfer paper-based legacy Land Terrier records into the spatial element for the Uniform Estates module.  Due to numerous council internal changes, they were looking for a snap shot in time when they knew their records were correct and therefore creating a starting point to bring their records up-to-date.  The client was also aware that a number of the current Land Registry records did not match the actual Deed Packets, so they were looking to identify these terriers so they could pass to the legal department to pursue further.

Supplied with scanned images for the land terrier deeds, deed records through Microsoft Excel and current Land Registry data to reveal difference in the terriers, we were tasked with digitising the records and providing them with an ESRI SHP geographic file of the terriers and a Microsoft Access database of compiled information.

A pilot commenced with digitising of the historical Land Terriers and compiling all the data together to a clearly defined brief on structure and content to ensure compatibility with Uniform.

The database included some of the following information:

  • Reference number
  • Authority code
  • Record, disposal or lease type
  • UPRN number
  • Address
  • Description of property
  • Acquired date
  • Deed packet reference
  • Land Registry reference
  • Completion date
  • Lease date
  • Whether leased in by the authority or leased out

The amount of information included is only limited by the data supplied.

The pilot was designed to gauge how much could be achieved in a fixed time period and to solve any resulting queries that arose during the implication, points that had not been considered along with requirements that needed clarification.

An additional element involved identifying the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) as expected, whereas in others the positional accuracy of the LLPG record was not correct.  This process enabled detailed validation of the LLPG in addition to the deed terrier.

The generated files were then issued for testing.

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